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Your Covid can not harm me my passport is like a shield of steel

Batfink (played by Frank Buxton) is the main protagonist of the series. He is a superpowered, anthropomorphic grey bat whose powers include a Super Sonic Sonar Radar (played on the fact that he is a bat) and metallic wings that shield him from incoming bullets. The wings are quoted as "like a shield of steel" in the cartoon.


During the last episode of the series ("Batfink: This Is Your Life"), it's revealed that he got his powers from being born in an abandoned plutonium mine and that he'd lost his natural wings as a child while saving his mother's life after escaped convicts blew up their mountaintop cave. This incident is what motivated him to become a crimefighter.


Batfink - My wings are like a sheild of steel!

His famous catchphrase

He gained his wings of steel after Karate found him and took him to his father, who was a blacksmith, who crafted the wings for Batfink, due to Batfink's wings being badly damaged.

Batfink lives in a split level cave (parodies the Batcave from the Batman series) and has a direct video link to the Chief of Police, where Batfink is informed about crimes.


Super Sonar Radar[]

Super Sonar Radar

The Super Sonar radar appears as the words "Beep" or "Beep Beep." They are visible, and seem to be intelligent as they "speak" with Batfink.

Wings of Steel[]

Batfink's wings are made of steel and can only be penetrated by Plutonium. He can use them to deflect bullets and other weapons, use it like a lightning rod to ground electricity (so long as one wing is touching the ground), and can cut and burst through most substances with them.


  • According to a couple episodes, the very tips of his wings have rockets to slow his descent when he is unable to control the rate at which he falls, and are as hard as diamonds, suggesting Batfink makes alterations to his wings for emergency situations.


  • He is a parody of both Batman and The Green Hornet
  • He almost always seen reading before getting a call from  The Chief of Police
  • Despite being a bat, he is often referred to as "human"
  • Oftentimes when he says his Super Sonar radar will help him, the clip for that line is reused, as evidenced by similiar animation and, in some cases, the voice acting from earlier episodes. There seem to be a couple different versions of this clip, though.
  • In the episode "Fat Man" Karate mentions Batfink always wanted to be taller.
  • In the episode "Out Darn Spot" it is stated his wings are steel, "but not stainless steel." However, in "Buster the Ruster", it is revealed his wings are stainless steel, causing a contradiction in the series.
  • He is never seen driving, suggesting Karate is the only one of the two of them who knows how (or is licensed) to drive.