Big Ears Ernie
Series 01, Episode 05
Big Ears Ernie
Air Date April 21, 1966
Previous The Sonic Boomer
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Big Ears Ernie is the fifth episode of the BatFink Television Series

Summary Edit

Big ears burnie kills babies.

Full plot Edit

Burnie was a world renowned doctor. But sometimes doctors kill babies. it happens. a lot. who doesn't sometimes. Most people don't, but sometimes Burnie had the urge to kill babies. Those shit eating fucktards. The babies were a famous gang who murdered like 17 million nazis. so burnie hated them even more. He loved rape seed oil despite the environmental concerns. He also kidnapped Madelin Mcann one time. Only once but once is enough. He murdered infant children a lot. He kidnapped her from the babies and saved her. Infant children is a nickname for the rapist gang. Once Mcann was safe he ate her. by which i mean he consumed her and then digested her. then he killed kids again. He consumed all her troubles and thoughts, and then digested them as he was a psychotherapist. He did this by eating her thus ending all her troubles by ending her life. Then he kille a pregnant lady twice, the same lady. Her was a brand of cereal that Burnie ate which was filled with love, and pregnant lady is a video game there about killing women with babies in their womb. He then raped some women and killed their offspring. The babies are the children of satan, and Burnie thought raping meant rapping. He loved to spit fire into baby faces so he could hear them scream while they burnt as it made him extremely erect when he did. By that i mean he stood up completley straight, and this was in the game, remember. Boy was he nice to nazis. he hated jews.

the end.

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