Ebenezer The Freezer
Series 01, Episode 03
Air Date January 20, 1967
Previous The Short Circuit Case
Next The Sonic Boomer

Ebenezer The Freezer is the third episode of the BatFink Television Series

Summary Edit

Hugo and Ebenezer the Freezer plan to freeze the entire city, using a missile loaded with freezing gas.

Full plot Edit

A military base is attacked by a helicopter armed with freezing gas, and the army calls Batfink. Hugo A Go-Go and Ebenezer the Freezer are responsible for the chaos and are planning ultimately to freeze everyone and then rob the bank. 

Batfink is able to locate the secret entrance where the rocket is preparing to launch, but ends up frozen and strapped to the rocket. The rocket loses stability in flight, and Batfink is able to get loose and stop the rocket. 

Batfink and Karate then capture the fleeing villians, who wind up "on ice" themselves. 

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