The Sonic Boomer
Series 01, Episode 04
Air Date April 21, 1966
Previous Ebenezer The Freezer
Next Big Ears Ernie

The Sonic Boomer is the forth episode of the BatFink Television Series

Summary Edit

Boomer, the owner of Boomer Glass Works, is using a jet plane to create window-shattering sonic booms in order to increase business.

Full plotEdit

Sonic booms are breaking all the glass in the city. The Sonic Boomer and his airplane are causing these sonic booms. The Sonic Boomer is the owner of Boomer Glass Works, where he sells glass to all the people needing to replace their broken glass. The Boomer already has $2 million in orders from this damage. 

When the windows in the Batillac are broken, Batfink and Karate go to the Boomer Glass Works, to replace their broken glass.  The Boomer is there taking orders. Karate's next error reveals the Boomer as the criminal. 

The Boomer tries to fry our heroes with hot jet exhaust, then encases them in liquid glass. The Boomer takes off in his jet. Karate can’t karate through the glass, but Batfink uses his wing tips to cut through the glass. Karate can’t squeeze through the hole that Batfink made. Batfink gets through the sonic booms, but manages to catch the Boomer using the Boomer's own jet exhaust. The Sonic Boomer gets 20 years at hard labor replacing all he glass he broke.

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